Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spirits Taking Over

Lets pretend this was an Aim conversation to make it easier on me!

Scene Set:
Location: Living room
My Age: 10-12
Characters: Mom, Wanda, Me

It was slightly later in the evening, not quite bedtime but close enough so that I was laying on the couch considering sleeping when it began.  Wanda had some form of liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other when suddenly.

Wanda: Suddenly looks to Mom, "Do you feel that?" 

Mom: Her eyes widen, I believe up until this point they had been having a normal conversation about K-mart or something, "Oh!" She exclaims without much other explanation.

Wanda: Squinting her eyes, searched the room. "It's here." Her voice becomes quieter.

At this point, I was filled with confusion, slowly building to dread at the next words Mom spoke.

Mom: "The hairs on my arm are standing on end!  There's a ghost!" This statement is said deadpan with a tinge of fright and excitement.

Wanda: "I wonder who it is..."
Mom: "Oh! OH! Oh my god!"
Wanda: "What is it?"
Mom: "I just felt a chill! Along my left arm, I felt it!  So cold, like someone caressed me!"
Wanda: "Ah! Aaah!" the yell sounded cracked with smoker voice.  "My legs! I can't feel them!"
Mom: "Wanda? Wanda!" she rushed over to the crazy woman's side.

Me: Starts silently repeating Hail Mary, Why I believed whispering this prayer would save me I have no idea.  I was never terribly religious but somehow I thought I would live through it if I prayed, and at this point I'm pretty sure this is turning into a life or death situation.

Wanda: "I can feel it, god!  It's trying to crawl up my leg!  So cold! So cold!"
Mom: "Fight it, Wanda.  Don't let it!" She took the liquor away at that point, "Your week, its the alcohol, its making you susceptible!  Fi-god! The hairs on my arm are standing up on both sides now.  Someone is here, defiantly here!"
Wanda: "It's getting higher.  If it reaches my heart I'll die!"
Mom: "We won't let that happen!" she grasped Wanda's hand.  "Tell it to leave." redirecting her voice to nothing.  "We don't want you here!  If you have a message that's fine.  Visit me in my dreams but leave us alone!"
Wanda: Clutches at her heart.  "I.... god.... I..." she sounded legitimately paniced, like this is her last few moments on earth.
Mom: "Go! Be gone!"

And suddenly Wanda sighs.

Wanda: "It left, I can feel my legs again!"
Mom: "We did it!  We made it."
Wanda: breathing quickly "I wonder who it was..."
Mom: "Do you think-"

As suddenly as it had started, it stopped.  Both of them just accepting this to be normal.  After that it went off into a discussion about every dead person either of them had ever known in the world, listing all of them one at a time.

Me:  After everything was said and done this is about how I would sum up my emotions. O_____O